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Powerhouse by WhiteHeart
Powerhouse (1990)
Label: Star Song

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Answer The Call by WhiteHeart

Hear a whisper in the night
See a distant burning light
That you cannot explain
Oh, you try to shut it out
Cover it up with all your doubts
But it won't go away
Answer the call, answer the call

Got a knock upon the door
Getting loud, you can't ignore
A voice is calling your name
Don't you live in the status quo
Don't you go where you always go
It's crying out for change
Answer the call, answer the call

Call it inspiration, call it revelation
Call it anything at all
But burning deep in you
Is something you have gotta do
So answer, answer the call

Now the path is there to take
Now the choice is there to make
Don't let the vision fade
You'd be living in the dark
Running away from your own heart
If you just turned away
Answer, answer the call

It may be the inner city
Maybe your own family
The mission field may lie in you
But you know the Word is true
And it's staring back at you
So answer, answer the call

The message is for you
So whatever you do
Answer, answer the call



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