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Secret Weapon by MxPx
Secret Weapon (2007)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Angels by MxPx

In a room without a window, your head starts caving in
Your mind takes you to places that it's never been
In a house without a hallway, there's nothing more to see
4 walls full of pickup sticks and atrophy

where the sun shines bright and I don't have to lock my door
where the moon is full and I'm not tired anymore

where angels carry me along the way
where I can close my eyes at night and pray
where angels sit and watch me while I look up to the sky
where angels carry me along the way

in a grave without a body the worms lay all alone
this room is a tomb, it is my home
in a song without a meaning, your mind starts going blank
send in reinforcements, we need a tank

spread your wings around me, take me high into the air
free prisoners from shackles, teach them they should not despair

in time we all will know, our destination
which way we will go



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