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Stay The Course by Slingshot 57
Stay The Course (2002)
Label: Independent

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Always There by Slingshot 57

i messed things up again today
must've hurt you in the deepest way
i see the sun on the ground
thinking that you are not around

all the places that i hide
all the times that i lied
you're always there
you're always there
everytime that i hurt you
and all the stupid things i do
you're always there
you're always there

tried to put it in my secret place
it's so hard to look you in the face
to say the words “i love you”
i hide my sin like i always do

everytime i turn around
i can't get away from you

there's these times when things go great
you always seem to fill my plate
i think that it is what i've done
i ignore the fact that you're the one



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