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Extreme Days Soundtrack by Rod Laver
Extreme Days Soundtrack (2001)
Label: Forefront

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Alex by Rod Laver

I flip fierce flows & rip all shows
finally found why Iím around
to make minds grow
you know
I never seen a beat I canít rock & I never seen a mind my mic wonít unlock
so letís start to download a thing or two or three & maybe we could put an end to a tragedy
a fresh start - a new heart is all you need
so open up your head & let me drop in this seed

Now back to the topic at hand
do this one time for my band
one time to help you understand
itís me for you & itís you for me
itís almost like we from the same family tree
you see
I canít front & I wonít lie
I want to step on stage until the day that I die - & when that day comes itíll be just fine
take my mic to heaven & show God some of my rhymes

You want it
you got it
Take a piece of my mind while I run through your brain
You want it - you got it
I got thoughts to spill & I hope they leave a stain

Last album I was holding back
but no more
bringing the fullness on every track
for sure
running circles around this beat
you see
I ainít in this for me money
but for the
three things I speak of at this time
for you my God & that I love to rhyme
on this level you might need a shovel
go deep
want to bring you things in which to revel
but talk is cheap

This is my chance to do - all the things you want me to
This is my chance to be
exactly how you want me to
This is my chance to say
all the things you want me to
This is my chance to live
exactly how you want me to



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