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Shadows Within by Drive Thru Society
Shadows Within (2015)
Label: Independent

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Alabaster Jar by Drive Thru Society

Outside I pray for strength
but how would even God hear me?
the lights are glowing from the triclinium
as my feet begin moving, to fix all that I have done wrong

I hear their comments fly
whispers race behind my back
but His eyes meet mine
step on, I step on

and at His feet I fall
tears flowing easily now
and silence falls
the air is thick with tension
but I pour out perfume on His feet
and apologize when my tears dilute
this anointing

So I'll take this alabaster jar
all I have at Your feet
holding nothing back
my sin exposed and my hair let down
praising You with this
alabaster jar

my hair I let down
like so many times before
each time a wound
another scar on my soul
my tears wet His feet
it's different than before
He doesn't turn away
so still I have hope

Lord forgive me,
You're faith has saved you
Lord forgive me
Go in peace



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