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Against The Flow by American Made
Against The Flow (1999)
Label: KMG

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Against The Flow by American Made

Ooh, you know we're against the flow
and we're never ever gonna let you go
Once we drop our beats on you

Well, we're back on the scene
Yo, I'm phat and I'm clean
Blowing up and tearing up just like a Rambo scene
Separated, no I'm not hated
Because I stated you want to know why the Lord made it
Why ask why we don't drink Bud Dry
We don't need alcohol just to get us by
You want to know where we're going
We're against the flow and ...

One more time for your mind
It's like dropping a dime
In a machine
It hits you crispy and clean
I'll hit you like a sniper
I'll bite you like a viper
I'll make sure that we are just hyper-active
No we're not attractive
But I'll make sure one thing
We mix rap and punk kid
You always call me on the phone
Yo, this is where we roam



405 N Jefferson Ave, Ste 1015

Springfield, MO 65806


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