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Blah by Blah
Blah (1998)
Label: Bulletproof

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145 by Blah

Great is the Lord, Most worthy of Praise.
His greatness no one can fathom
One generation will declare your works
tell of your mighty acts, speak of your splendor and majesty
meditate on your wonderful works
One Forty Five

the Lord is gracious and compassionate
slow to anger and rich in love
the Lord is good, good to all, compassion on all
he has made all
all you saints will praise Him
Oh Lord, the saints will extol you
One Forty Five, One Forty Five

the Lord lifts up all those who fall
lifts all those who are bowed down
the eyes of all look to you
and you give them food in proper time
you open your hand and satisfy
satisfy every living thing
One Forty Five



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