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Thrifty Mr. Kickstar by Dryve
Thrifty Mr. Kickstar (1997)
Label: Sarabellum

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Thrifty Mr. Kickstar by Dryve

Do you move around in space
What did you do with the wings
What did you do
You're the mess in my connection
The hole below my soul
That's waiting to explode

How do you move around this place
What's up with you
What's up with you
You're the night inside the planet
The deal inside my ear
That's taking me out of here
Plastic is boring
Glitter is sporty

I've become overcome
This plastic hour
I've overcome

Thrifty Mr. Kickstar

Do you move around in space
You're the window into
The thing inside my home
Everybody's got to water inside
Everybody's got to stop
For starters sometime
Faster is disaster
You stick like desire

Thrifty Mr. Kickstar
You're the king of guitar
It's just a ploy
I'm not your cowboy



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