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  Cycles - Decyfer Down (Cycles)
  Faith Over Fear - Aaron Michaels (Faith Over Fear)
  Fly Again - Big Dismal (Fly Again)
  It's Not Easy Being Human (feat. Lacey Sturm) - Islander (It's Not Easy Being Human)
  Let It Go - Love Like Gravity (Break The Silence)
  Living Waters - Rusty Shipp (Living Waters)
  Love Pain - Amongst The Giants (Love Pain)
  Opposites Attract - World Gone Cold (World Gone Cold)
  Psycho In My Head - Skillet (Dominion - Day of Destiny)
  Shark Spray - Magdalene Rose (Shark Spray)
  The Executioner - Disciple (Skeleton Psalms)
  The Undertaker - The Brave (The Undertaker)

  Come Alive - Honor & Glory (Honor & Glory)
  Courage - Bennett Hughes (Courage)
  Down - 3 Nail Life (Down)
  God's Gonna Cut You Down - Manafest (God's Gonna Cut You Down)
  My Chaos - Relentless Flood (Echoes)
  Not Alone - Ignite The Fire (The Fallout)
  Resist - Ignescent (Resist)
  Send Down The Fire - Beth Hall (Send Down The Fire)
  Silence - Living Scars (Silence)
  This Is Your Calling - Zahna (Stronger Than Death)
  Truth of Life (feat. Miggy of Relent) - Red Letter Rising (Truth of Life)
  Worry of Wages (feat. Jason Wisdom) - Poetic Descent (Worry of Wages)

  As I Am - Red Letter Rising (Echoes of Eden)
  Black Knight - Saved By Skarlet (Black Knight)
  Bring Me His Head - Paradise Now (We Never Die)
  Bring Out Your Dead - 3 Days Under (Bring Out Your Dead)
  Dear God - Matt Sassano (Dear God)
  Die For Something - Zahna (Stronger Than Death)
  Driven - Chaotic Resemblance (Nazarites)
  Empires - 3 Days Under (Empires)
  Falling Through The Sky - Fit For A King (The Hell We Create)
  Fight or Run - Red Calling (Fight or Run)
  Hey You - Riddle Me This (Hey You)
  Higher Power (feat. Hulvey) - Crowder (Milk & Honey)
  My Defense - Mawcore (My Defense)
  Riptide - Fear Not (Fields Of Sorrow)
  Rise To The Call - Stryper (Rise To The Call)
  Scream - Love Like Gravity (Break The Silence)
  Surviving the Wasteland - Seventh Day Slumber (Surviving the Wasteland)
  The Lich - Ignite The Fire (The Lich)
  Uncaged - Behold The Beloved (No Surrender)
  Words of Fire - Kutless (Words of Fire)



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