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Soul Fire by Christafari
Soul Fire (1994)
Label: Gotee

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Selah by Christafari

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Many them fear, no fear I
Not I, not I
Don't want them life, a suicide
Not I, not I
Plenty run, nowhere to hide
Not I, not I
I run to Yeshua, I confide
I and I survive

Come dance before the Father
Thanks and praise I will utter
Lucifer him no bother
Zion here now, my brother

Many them hate, no hate for I
Not I, not I
Them love war, famine, genocide
Not I, not I
Drugs take them bodies for a ride
Never I, never die
Need a Savior's love inside
I abide with Jesus Christ

Praise Jah Jah, no death for I
Not I, not I
I man live eternal life
Yes I, yes I
Crucifixion, Jesus die
His death for I, you and I
Price now paid, see Jesus rise
Up high, so cry