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No Place Like Home by Scarecrow & Tinmen
No Place Like Home (1999)
Label: Pamplin

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Scarecrow & Tinmen by Scarecrow & Tinmen

Hey yeah, heard a story about a man
He calls Himself a king
Hey yeah, we believe just about anything
Hey yeah, heard this Man stopped
The tempest with its raging wind
Hey yeah, so you think that
I might want to follow Him

I am the Scarecrow and you are the Tinmen
And we are not the same as we were
Changed by love and changed by compassion
And we now have a new heart and mind
A new heart, a new mind

Hey yeah, took a walk through
A field of golden grain
Hey yeah, saw a world, saw a God
And then I saw my sin
Hey yeah, heard a story about a King
Who died and rose again
Hey yeah, I think I'm ripe
Won't you come and be my friend