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It's A Jungle Out There by Mastedon
It's A Jungle Out There (1989)
Label: Regency

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Love Inhalation by Mastedon

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The world is goin' crazy and I'm ready to scream
Feels like I'm about to come apart at the seams
O my vision's getting hazy and its hard to see
I can feel this power taking over me

And I just can't stop it, I just can't stop it,
Cause I love it

When your love gets inside of me it fills me up
Like the air that I breathe, I can't get enough

I got love inhalation, I can't catch my breath
I get complete intoxication from you
I got love inhalation and I can't hold back
I get the sweetest suffocation from you

I woke up in the night, in the middle of a bad dream
I sat up in my bed and I started to scream
There were flames in the house and fire everywhere
And when I opened my eyes only you were there

And I can't stop runnin', stop runnin'
From what I need