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Superhero by Scarecrow & Tinmen
Superhero (2000)
Label: Organic

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God Is Good by Scarecrow & Tinmen

Verse 1
Lookin' about for a million dollar man, clutchin' money in your hands
Thinkin' green is gonna save ya, everybody pay ya
You're brilliant take on life, your bankrupt
Where can you go
Figuring out how to make it with a girl, fallin' head over heals
Want to be a better player, even say a prayer, to make her think you care
But you don't

If you stand here tonight, let me hear you
If you think I am right, let me hear you
If you're ready to shout, and you know what I'm talking about
Let me hear you say..

God is good, all the time
All the time, God is good! (repeat)

Verse 2
Checkin' it out from the bottom to the top, ya know I'm never gonna stop
All the screetchin', ya know the preachin', Bible teachin', it puts a
twinkle in your toes
Makes you jump because ya know, from your spirit to your soul
God is in Control, let me hear you say, God is in Control