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Heat It Up by Degarmo & Key
Heat It Up (1993)
Label: Benson

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God Good - Devil Bad by Degarmo & Key

I met a man in a Nassau hotel
A strange man to my eyes
He had tattoos on his arm
Of Jesus and the devil side by side
I found the nerve so I said, "Hey buddy
Just what's the matter with you?
Don't you know you can't serve two masters?
A real man's got to choose"

I said, "Who do you love?
Who do you serve?
Who do you love?
There's four simple words
That you better learn"

God good, devil bad
It's elementary truth
It's the law of the land
God good, devil bad
Every child on earth
Got to understand
God good

I looked him straight in the eye and asked him
"How'd you get so confused?
Did Madonna finally drive you crazy
Mixing sin with God on you?
Or did some rapper use some nasty language
With a cross around his neck?
If you need to follow mixed-up people
There's still plenty of them left"