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Remedy by Strange Celebrity
Remedy (2003)
Label: Squint

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Come restless sleep
Come and lay me down and ease my worry
Slow my mind and help me
Help me find my release
I am held in the prison cryin'
On my knees prayin' I won't
Die in this moment of grief
Now I'm here and I'm waiting

Won't you come and carry me
high above so I can see
Pick me up out of this haze
And put your arms around me
Come and lift me up so I can be free

Come my escape
Cause I try to scream I'm hearin' silence
Beggin' someone help me
Help me find my way
Cause I'm reachin' out in all directions
Believin' that there's some way
I can live in the moment alone
so I'm here and I'm waiting